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To alleviate unnecessary pain, book a consultation ...

Avoid Unnecessary Pain!

By the time most people seek treatment, they are:
• In severe pain
• Having difficulty moving
• Struggling to cope with work or family responsibilities

Does this sound familiar?

You may have been suffering with odd niggles and pains for months, taking the occasional - or even regular - self-prescribed painkiller as needed. But you don’t need to wait till you are in pain to have a treatment – the time to act is when you first notice relatively small changes.

• Maybe you’re suffering with aches and stiffness?
• Or you realise that you can no longer turn to look over your shoulder to reverse the car.
• Perhaps putting on your socks in the mornings has become difficult?

Any of these signs - pain, stiffness, loss of flexibility and movement - mean that something is not working correctly in your body. Why wait for more pain? An osteopathic check-up can prevent further problems.

We will discuss any concerns that you have, assess you and hopefully give some treatment.
You’ll receive suggestions for “self-care” to relieve your particular aches and pains, prevent injury and stay healthy.

Plus, we find muscles that are tight and/or joints that have stiffened up – which you assume is normal but isn’t! We help you realise what your body should feel like, how much movement you can have and that you could be pain free.

To find out more, call us on 01462 811006 or email We can help you reach your full potential.

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